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How Supersynchronous used Coda to help Squared Away save a thousand hours and $100k a year

Matt Galligan
Matt Galligan
1 min read
How Supersynchronous used Coda to help Squared Away save a thousand hours and $100k a year

We partnered with the team at Coda to share this story about Squared Away.

Squared Away is a marketplace that matches executive assistants to companies. Most of the executive assistants are military spouses.

Last May 2020, the company was growing like crazy and all of the manual processes were starting to break. Like many companies, a combination of Google Sheets, Docs, and Email were stitching everything together.

The question then became, "Should we build our own software or try to build something with the new "no code" platforms? Can these platforms really do everything we need?"

This question is actually what ended up convincing us to start Supersynchronous.

Not only could we do everything we wanted, we were able to completely change how the company works. Gone are the days of outdated spreadsheets, different teams using one-off tools that don't talk to each other. Here's the story about how we used Coda to re-build entire software platforms, completely automate payroll and finance, and realize that "no code" isn't just some trendy buzzword, it's actually the future of how every business should operate.

The CRM of tomorrow is one that is completely built for you. That's what we are here to do.

Click here to read the entire story, see the templates we built to run the company, and even get a peak at the financial impact that our work had.

We are Supersynchronous. Say hi if you're interested in a better way to work. One that is less chaos, more clarity, and a lot more affordable.

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Matt Galligan

Partner at Supersynchronous. I'm a dad, a designer, coffee lover, and enthusiast for building tools and working remotely.