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Relationship Manager

Who we are:

Supersynchronous helps companies build their own internal systems that help them scale, without the need for code. We believe that companies should be empowered to craft their own bespoke tools and processes without the need to conform to existing ones, or carry the burden of maintaining custom-built software. Teams should have purpose-built workflows that empower them to achieve their best, especially while operating remotely.
We exist to help companies change how they work. We are building the most core infrastructure for our clients so it is critical that we ask the hard questions and work to find the core of all problems. We must build trust and become their best partner.


As a Relationship Manager, you will be responsible for the most important client relationships. You will own them end to end. We don't say "Account Manager" because we believe it's all about relationships with people not "managing accounts."

We aren’t going to bore you with a bunch of mumbo jumbo buzz words, we try to keep things simple.

Here’s what matters to us and this role:

  1. We are curious first. When solving problems, we spend more time asking questions than trying to give answers. We believe the answer is simple if you ask the right question. Getting to the root of problems sometimes takes 5 whys to find the truth. We celebrate what we don’t know not just what we do.
  2. We work remotely so written communication is huge. Proactive, clear, and kind communication matters.
  3. You are one step ahead of what people need internally and externally. Proactive communication is your jam and you believe that being proactive and open can solve 90% of the problems in the world.
  4. You are a self starter and can chart your own path. We are not a top down organization. We trust our people and we also want you to teach us what works better.
  5. You have operations in your core. This role is helping design better operations and internal systems for companies. You have to enjoy this nerdy part of the world.
  6. You love new tools, new systems, new software. You aren’t afraid of trying new software and breaking it from time to time.

We focus on the simple things. Relationships, communication, and being a “grown-up” place to work. We don’t need fire drills, chaos, and all the other things that come with other inefficient companies. We appreciate and celebrate calmness, clarity, and building a great place to work.

Want to work together? Email us and say hi!