What is an Operations Developer? What do they do?

What is an Operations Developer? What do they do?

An Operations Developer (OpsDev) is a technical role who improves internal processes across teams.

An OpsDev builds processes and workflows to empower all team members to do the best work, in a faster, more reliable, and more automatable way.

An operations developer is a leader in an organization that is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s operations are improving.  Not that a company’s operations are just established, and maintained, but constantly improving.”

OpsDev and Supersynchronous Guild co-founder Connor McCormick talking about the role of an OpsDev.

Operations Developers are like…

  • Engineers and product managers rolled into one
  • DevOps but for your whole organization
  • A no-code buccaneer that bounces around organization streamlining and tailoring processes
  • Someone whose job it is to improve internal processes

This next video is a little bit longer, but captures what an OpsDev is and how they can transform companies does in a special way.

Alright. So we’ve got the beginnings of an idea of what an OpsDev is, but there’s plenty of questions left unanswered. What do you want to learn next?

It’s worth mentioning that the role of an OpsDev is still developing and we are learning more every day as we design it!