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No/Low-Code Architect

We're looking for no and low-code developers to join our team.

Who we are:

Supersynchronous helps companies build their own internal systems that help them scale, without the need for code. We believe that companies should be empowered to craft their own bespoke tools and processes without the need to conform to existing ones, or carry the burden of maintaining custom-built software. Teams should have purpose-built workflows that empower them to achieve their best, especially while operating remotely.

We exist to help companies change how they work. We are building the most core infrastructure for our clients so it is critical that we ask the hard questions and work to find the core of all problems. We must build trust and become their best partner.

We’re looking for no and low-code enthusiasts to help us on our mission. Are you a formula wizard? Have you found yourself building Airtables to organize your pantry at home, just for fun? Then you’re exactly who we want to be talking to.

This position is entirely remote, but we prefer someone that lives in GMT-4 to GMT-8 time zones.


  • We pair architects with companies looking to build out internal systems. You’ll work directly with our clients in crafting a solution to best suit their needs.
  • We are partners with our clients. We are part of their team and that is what makes us different. You must love solving problems for people and be a team player.
  • Given the needs of our clients, you’ll determine the best tools for the job whether it’s Coda, Airtable, Zapier, a combination thereof, or something entirely new! The goal is to give our clients the best solution they can get.
  • Though we may not be writing code, you'll use software design principles that incorporates best practices and process to design, develop, debug, and deploy solutions for our clients.
  • Our architects will document their best practices so that others may also benefit from your learnings and achievements in building out solutions.

Desired experience:

We don’t believe that 10 years of experience matters in a world that was literally created less than 5 years ago.

That said, we are looking for the most talented architects in the world. People who can push the platforms to their limits and always make it do more than we think possible. We hold our work, formulas, and ability to design architecture at the highest regard. We are here to change how people work and save people tons of time and money. Read here about what we built for Squared Away.

Our clients come to us to fully solve their internal team, communication, and workflow problems. This requires expert level knowledge of the platforms + technical knowledge of how the formulas and integrations work.

To ensure this level of quality, all applicants must complete our Architect Builder project. This is a 1 week project and we hire about 10% of the people after the project. Again, we are looking for the best architects.
The actual list of tools:

  • Proficiency in at least 1-2 of the following tools: Excel, Coda, Airtable, Zapier, Retool, BaseDash, Integromat, Webflow
  • Proficiency with Google Apps (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Docs), Slack
  • Experience with any of the following is a plus: JavaScript, JSON, webhooks, Shopify, Notion, and Apple Shortcuts
  • Experience in agile development practices a plus
  • Detail-oriented interpersonal and written communication skills
Apply for this position

Email us with your favorite product you've ever built. No-code doc, formulas, automations, or whatever else you think is awesome,