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No/Low-Code Architect

We're looking for no and low-code developers to join our team.

Who We Are
Supersynchronous helps companies build their own internal systems to help them scale. We believe teams should have purpose-built workflows that empower them to achieve their best, especially while operating remotely.

We build work infrastructure for our clients, so it's critical that we ask the hard questions and find the core of the problems they face.

We’re looking for no and low-code enthusiasts to help us on our mission. Are you a formula wizard? Have you found yourself building Airtables (or Codas or Mondays or Bubbles) to organize your pantry at home, just for fun? Then you’re exactly who we want to be talking to.

This position is entirely remote, but we prefer someone that lives in GMT-4 to GMT-8 time zones.

About the Role
Our No/Low-Code Architect (we call them "Workflow Builders") meet with our clients' team members in real-time to observe their workflow and build things that improve it.

Skills that will help you succeed in this role:

  • Empathy - you have experience in product management, Customer Success, or another role where seeing things from the client|user’s perspective is a key component to being successful in your role.
  • UX design - you’ve thought deeply and participated in an iterative development process to provide people with products|workflows that they find intuitive and effortless to use.
  • Formula Building - our preferred tool is Coda (they just hit unicorn status, featuring our co-founder and client in their announcement!). Experience in JQuery, Excel formula building, or Google Apps script will give you a running start.
  • Data models - most workflows are working against broken data models. You know how to abstract a process into a table (or table of tables) and make them talk to each other.
  • Value creation in uncertainty - if you’ve been a startup founder or early employee you know this one in your bones. Half the fun of our work is helping our clients go into the unknown of their own day-to-day tasks and discovering the hidden opportunities to make their life easier and deliver more value faster for their stakeholders.
  • Agile software development - increasing throughput is our guiding objective and building learning-feedback loops with our clients is how we get there.

Value We Deliver
Sometimes we deliver value by delivering a low code | no code product we build, but sometimes it’s in other ways:

  • Validate that something that feels really hard IS really hard
  • Develop consistent language between teams - there’s a lot of value to be had when people can communicate with each other clearly!
  • Create permission to address a blocker they weren’t sure they could change
  • Help someone reflect on a process they haven’t thought about in a while
  • Follow the causal chain and targeting the issue at a higher level
  • Build bridges between team members, teams, or levels of leadership

Show Us What You Got
The heart of all we do is low code/no code development in real-time with clients.

Tools we appreciate:, Zapier, Integromat, Monday, Bubble, Notion, Retool

If you’ve built something with one of these tools (or want to build one and show us what you can do), that’s a great start to our conversation.

You can see some of our examples at:

You’ll be working directly with co-Founder Connor, our lead Builder, who gets along with everyone—especially autodidacts & curious people.

Diversity Commitment
We welcome people of all backgrounds to apply to this role and do not require a college degree.

In fact - we prioritize applicants without degrees.

This is a role for people who have made their own way in life while helping others.

Design Your Work-Life
We are a remote-first company who supports people working where they want, when they want, and how they want.

We don’t have all the answers, we prefer to invent them together! You’re welcome to design how you do your work here.

Who wouldn’t be a good fit
This isn’t the role for you if:

  • You like having structure work with knowable outcomes in advance
  • You want to work primarily with code, not with people
  • You often find you argue with clients on what the right solution for them is

How to Apply
Send us a Loom to with your favorite product you've ever built. No-code doc, formulas, automations, or whatever else you think is awesome.

Send your LinkedIn Profile URL instead of a resume (we don't use those).