All at once the world changed, but did we change with it? The crush of exhaustion after a day full of video calls. The fruitless searches spent looking for that one file page presentation chat just to find it wasn’t what we were looking for. Writing docs in one tool about docs in another tool, all doomed to decay. The sinking feeling that we may be working but is it…working?

"Remote" may mean you don't have to commute anymore, but that’s just because you don’t leave work. And just as you got the kids settled, and the pot of coffee on, echoing through the house, an all-too-familiar swish followed by the three knocks beckons from your computer for you to return.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s time to define a new kind of working. One that can be synchronous without wall-to-wall agendas filled with walls of faces. One that can be asynchronous where we can remain in touch, while our sanity and our humanity don’t feel out of touch.

We can cut ourselves from some slack.

We can build healthier workplaces, where people are given the spaces to think. We can put our ideas through their paces, occasionally seeing each others faces, without edging towards the brink. It’s possible to find the balance, a harmony where our thoughts, our tasks, our lives, and our goals, our discussions, our ambitions, and our collective missions can all remain in sync.

We can be supersynchronous. We can build better cultures at work. We can build better tools that work: for us, and not the other way around.

It’s not just about replacing what we had before, it’s about questioning its very existence and asking ourselves “why do we even want to go back?” It’s about a process, and respect for everyone’s time. It's about building tools in a form all our own, and not conforming to those that someone else owns.

It’s about building the office out of 1’s and 0’s instead of bricks and timber—a ground-up reimagining of the work place to find a new home base.

We’re here to help create that new space. We’re built by operators that have been remote for many years. We’ve tweaked and honed and failed and learned and want to help others build towards a digital-first future of work. We believe there’s a better way to work, and seek to be a partner to companies that want to find that. We bring expertise in tooling, processes, and their marriage to help our partners achieve their best work.

It’s time to change how we work because work has changed.

We are Supersynchronous and we're here to help.