Supsync Health

Supsync Health

Quick and Secure Development of Digital Healthcare Products that are HIPAA Compliant

Very first No-code agency that does HIPAA compliance

Speed is the name of our game

Average Cost of Developing Health Care apps

  • ~200k
  • 6-9+ months to launch
  • Slow and expensive iteration cycles post-launch.
  • 1-2 weeks feature changes as more market info is gathered

Average Cost of Developing Health Care apps WITH No-code

  • ~100-150k
  • 2-3 months to launch
  • Fast and cheap iterative cycles post-launch
  • 1-2 days feature changes as more market info is gathered

When building a Healthcare app, or any app for that matter, the success of it rarely ever depends on the first initial launch. What makes a digital healthcare app successful is the subsequent iterations after first launch. The ability to test, get feedback, and make changes in the span of 2-3 days is the TRUE value of no-code.


Speed is nothing without Security. That is why we partner and utilize the world top security companies to power our databases.


We are here to get you your next WIN!

We live and die by Iterative Development. We believe that success is built on small decisions that build up towards a bigger goal.


5 MVPs launch in the first 2 months



Iteration, modification, and deployment at break-neck speeds.


Internal Tools

Integrations to current workflow and processes.



Project scalability to at least 100,000 accounts

HIPAA Compliance

We work with secure backends to ensure the highest level of security for our clients

Startup-Grade developers

We believe in having the developer working on your build be just as skilled and understanding as a startup founder

Current Partners


App Building is Hard, Let us Help

We are here to help you succeed. For us, it is not about building an app. It is about working with you to create something that you love and know will lead to your success.

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