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Bubble Developers

We believe in Security

With no-code on the rise, the need for more secure and compliant apps are the on the rise. Therefore, Supersynchronous is proud to say that through our partner, Strac, we are able to build full-fledge HIPAA Compliant app.

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Custom and Secure Apps On Request

Have an idea or need a tool? We can make it happen!


What is Bubble.io?

Bubble.io is a no-code app development platform. It is used to create software and application quickly and efficiently. Bubble can be used to create simple landing pages all the way to startups!

Why Bubble.io?

Speed and Scalability. Bubble allows us to bring your ideas to life faster, giving you more time to test, iterate, and grow!



Iteration, modification, and deployment at break-neck speeds.


Internal Tools

Integrations to current workflow and processes.



Project scalability to at least 100,000 accounts

App Building is Hard, Let us Help

We are here to help you succeed. For us, it is not about building an app. It is about working with you to create something that you love and know will lead to your success.

Your Success is Our Success


Our Team

Our team is compose of experienced Bubble devs around the world. We believe in bringing on developers that truly believes in what you are building.

Your Bubble Expert


Andy Le

Bubble Team Lead

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